Day 1 dinner

Halloween in Voorburg

Halloween in Europe is not as big in the US. But, some cities or to be precise there were communities in some streets in Holland that is introducing Trick or Treat. They ask the homeowners to join in and it it just so happen that the Villenas have it in their street.

It is our 2nd year to attend.

Here are some photos:

Joke Collections

Time flies so fast. My son is not 5 year old and he will be turning 6 in couple of months, I thought I should start documenting the little jokes that we shared. I laughed.

24 Oct 2018: The Appelsap
I was at the kitchen, busy cooking for dinner and busy giving all my son’s requests asking for food continuously. He’s been sick for 3 days now and I never said no to any food that he asks. Then suddenly he asked for apple and specifically told me to cut it into bigger slices because according to him, he is no longer 4 years old. Why? Don’t ask me.

He took his fruit and went to the living room to watch TV then suddenly he came back.

He asked, “Mommy do you know how to make appelsap?” (appelsap – apple juice).
I was lost or kind of questioning myself where is this topic going? So I asked, “No. Hooow?”.

He replied, “If you put apple in a water then it becomes appelsap.”

He then raised the slice of¬† an apple he’s holding and showed it to me.

I laughed. Clever boy!

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