My Ford Ka

This is my Ford Ka.. tiny, cute, sexy, cheap, not as classy as the Beetle but I like it. Nono. I love it.

I like it because it’s easy to park and I can park it anywhere even on places where I am not supposed to like down below, hehe. Places like Holland doesn’t have much of parking spaces anyway, you’ll have to find your own parking area.

Yes, my car is tiny meaning the boot is tiny. But believe it or not, this tiny car has done massive job such as transporting furniture. It’s small but it’s terrible.

I just love it!

The Gender Chart

I got this chart a long time ago and through the years I just kept it. Could it be true, I don’t know, so I decided to post it online in a forum. Some says yes some says it’s all wrong for them, then somehow one raise that maybe it has something to do with Chinese calendar or could be time zone. I shrug and said,

could be?!

Anyhow, mine says:
Age: 35
Month: March
Gender: Boy

So, on Friday we’ll see what’s my baby’s gender going to be.


Philippine Independence Day

June 2, 2012 Spaarnwoude, Halfweg I went there all by myself. All the rest pf the Pinoy community are not available. My usual buddy for this, Allan, wasn’t available either. Anyhow, nothing stopped from going there. I am on my way to Haarlem anyway. I just went there to mingle and eat actually. Litttle did […]