am i the only one unfit?


I am overweight, with a big bulging tummy so I jouned the gym with the hope to get fit at forty. It has been a long time dream of mine to be fit and healthy. Ok I wanted to fit in a sexy dress or atleast the dress fits well.

Anyway, here I am with an aching knee due to that Fat Attack class traing. I guess, i will just have to cancel and stick to Bodypump instead.

I notice that in all the training lesson that I have joined, almost 99% are fit and sexy. that means that the remaining 1% is me. It’s kind of embarassing that I am the only one who is in bad shape, damn it. I get motivated by it though. It is achievable and that is the goal.

I also like that my body is shaping up. my weight is not changing though. i wanted to do the Reboot juicibg again but it makes crave more for food. So, I thought smoothie in the morning and juicing in the evening would be a good alternative.

The proble is, i eat everything during the day… damn! That is the problem of having toddler wherein I have to eat like him haha!

ok, enough said.. time to run the threadmill.


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