He Turns 4


For a change, my son and I did the decors. He tugs my clothes and tells me to put ever decor that lands on his hands. My decors were all different styles and colors including the balloons with different shapes but it all blended well.

in the evening, we had Lallibella an her mom Kelly as our visitor. Jacob had a great mini birthday celebration.


am i the only one unfit?


I am overweight, with a big bulging tummy so I jouned the gym with the hope to get fit at forty. It has been a long time dream of mine to be fit and healthy. Ok I wanted to fit in a sexy dress or atleast the dress fits well.

Anyway, here I am with an aching knee due to that Fat Attack class traing. I guess, i will just have to cancel and stick to Bodypump instead.

I notice that in all the training lesson that I have joined, almost 99% are fit and sexy. that means that the remaining 1% is me. It’s kind of embarassing that I am the only one who is in bad shape, damn it. I get motivated by it though. It is achievable and that is the goal.

I also like that my body is shaping up. my weight is not changing though. i wanted to do the Reboot juicibg again but it makes crave more for food. So, I thought smoothie in the morning and juicing in the evening would be a good alternative.

The proble is, i eat everything during the day… damn! That is the problem of having toddler wherein I have to eat like him haha!

ok, enough said.. time to run the threadmill.

Fit at Forty

3 weeks ago, I heed my husband’s suggestion, i enrolled myself in the gym. I was a bit worried becaude I am slowly gaining back the weight I lose from rebooy juicing. And another reason is that I have to find a way to get out of the house and find a bit of socialization.

i committed  2 year contract at the gym.. goodluck to me. and i joined the training lessons instead of doing usual strength training. i love bodypump.


oh ti encourage me more, i dug up the pile if storage boxes just to get my beautiful gym bag. still looks new…


above all, i had to buy a new trainer shoe because my two trainers are no longer useful. One is about to retire and shredding bits by bits. the other shoe is killing my toenails and it really hurts.


i am on my 3rd week at the gym now. loving it!

sunset in Santorini

this is how it looks like at sunset cafe. it is wise to ask the waiters which table would be the best otherwise you’ll be watching selfie sticks instead of the sunset.


ok, the sunset is beautuful and apparently sunset in santorini is the best in the world according to my husband. but i am not a sunset person, i told him sunset is prettier to look at in the photo if we are in it. just me…


i am still asking what makes santorini to be the best sunset? tourism industry in this part of greece is really making money.


i really insisted that we look for this beautiful windmill so that i can take a photo of it. i did, with a family picture as well.